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TeamEMSoft |Flawless|®

goalie log rollWhether you need an EAP for one team, athletic department, multiple high schools, or for an entire leaguethe Power of TeamEMSoft® provides users the ability to quickly and easily generate a comprehensive best-practice emergency action plan; including specific policies and procedures, venue-specific EAPs, and sport-specific EAPs for every team and every season!

lacrosse%20helmets_12The Power of TeamEMSoft® harnesses the expertise of SMC® to generate complete policies and procedures for airway management, allergic reaction/anaphylaxis, asthma, pneumo/hemothorax, cardiac arrest, hemorrhage, sickle cell trait, cervical spine injury, concussion/traumatic brain injury, extremity splinting, AED, environmental conditions, and more.

continuum of careThe Power of TeamEMSoft® provides EAP personnel the ability to easily communicate with each other to schedule annual training and rehearsal, complete documentation reports, download training certificates, share important documents, and more.

app_icons_editThe Power of TeamEMSoft® automatically updates ALL your EAP documents when you make any profile updates or document edits!

smartphoneUsers can access TeamEMSoft® documents via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!  Responsive technology means that your medical team has access to all the Power of TeamEMSoft® anytime, anywhere.  Use TeamEMSoft® to share your EAPs with visiting teams during pre-game review; they now have your responsive document that will automatically dial EMS, EAP personnel, and link to live maps providing turn-by-turn directions to hospitals and other EAP facilities.

Giants rehearsalThe Power of TeamEMSoft® provides for on-line completion of and storage of all EAP activities, including annual rehearsal activity reports, competencies, review of sentinel events, and more.

officeSince 1995 SMC® has become synonymous with emergency response training best-practice standards.  SMC® uses the Power of TeamEMSoft® to ensure that users are always up-to-date with protocol advancements and best-practice standards.  Anytime there is an actionable industry protocol change we will ensure that your EAPs reflect that change.  You will then be notified of the changes so you can review your updated EAPs.


Sports Medicine Concepts has an unparalleled reputation for preparing even the most demanding medical teams to respond flawlessly™ during sports worst moments.  The rigor of the In 2Min or Less!® program, the comprehensiveness of the Certified Concussion Clinic toll-gates, and the thoroughness of the Concussion Management Specialist curriculum can result in elite medical teams achieving SMC’s |FLAWLESS| Certification.

app_icons_shareTeamEMSoft® allows users to share specified EAP documents for a finite time.  Share your venue-specific EAP and placards with visiting team medical personnel and coaches!

Imagine having a complete set of comprehensive best-practices EAPs and protocols for every sport, every venue, and every season. Imagine sharing pertinent game-day EAP information quickly with a visiting athletic trainer, EMS, or coach during your pre-game EAP overview; with just a click of a button you provide a responsive document that allows them to auto dial you, EMS, or other EAP personnel, or get turn-by-turn directions to the most appropriate hospital.  Imagine updating and managing your entire EAP library in seconds whenever changes or updates are required. Imagine having someone constantly monitoring and updating your EAPs to ensure that they always exceed best-practice standards.

Now Image having all this for EVERY school in your outreach program, for EVERY sport in your program, for EVERY school in your league…..and All BY THE END OF THE DAY!

THAT is TeamEMSoft |Flawless|


Upon joining TeamEMSoft® all new members receive a free introductory Webinar that will assist with registration, set-up and direction on how to best to integrate the TeamEMSoft® application.

Subscription Options

  • $769 annually
  • $699 per year with 2-year subscription
  • $599 per year with 3-year subscription

Outreach providers, Colleges/Universities, and Professional Organizations: Please email today so an EMSoft® representative can provide a customized package and pricing to meet your specific needs.

“Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not,

But we will be judged by only one thing – THE RESULT.”

-Vince Lombardi

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