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Benefits of TeamEMSoft

Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc., has been providing elite sports emergency care training since 1995. TeamEMSoft™ harnesses all of SMC’s expertise to create a comprehensive EAP program, from the field to the trauma bay!

Quickly and easily create and maintain venue specific EAPs for every sport and every venue, home and away!

Easily change your TeamProfile and automatically update all your EAP documents!

TeamEMSoft™ includes specific protocols for environmental stress, equipment removal, sickle-cell, hypoglycemia, asthma/anaphylaxis, high-quality CPR, and more!

Quarterly Evidence-Based Auto-Updates are grounded in our unique systematic review process.  Our sports emergency care training program gives us unprecedented access to the nation’s leading health care providers.  Peer-review, expert opinion, and practical experience with application of emergency techniques and procedures are the backbone of TeamEMSoft™ EBUs that ensure your EAPs always exceed best-practice standards.

TeamEMSoft™ allows users to standardize EAPs throughout an entire athletic department, league, or outreach program, ensuring a consistent elite level of preparedness.


Access and edit your EAP information from your desktop or any mobile device!

Quickly and easily share your EAPs with EAP team members and visiting team personnel to facilitate completion of your Pre-Event Medical Team Meeting!

Quickly and easily generate EAPs for away contests or playoffs using our Custom Venue feature!

Identify EMS rendezvous and access locations, instant navigation to receiving facilities, and auto-dial team members!

Quickly complete your pre-event medical team meeting to ensure a |FLAWLESS| response!

Individual School or Team: $769 annually
(+ one-time $350 set-up and activation fee which includes up to 2hrs of customization and live on-line educational support)

  • Includes unlimited access to on-line tutorials
  • Additional set-up, customization, and live support: $75/hr
  • Optional printed/pdf EAP Folio: $550

Contact Sports Medicine Concepts today for special league and outreach provider pricing!  Ph. 585-346-0240

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