Progressive Spine Injury Assessment

©Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.   SMC’s PROGRESSIVE SPINE INJURY ASSESSMENT SMC Progressive Spine Injury Assessment Algorithm OVERVIEW The leading cause of spinal cord injury in athletics is axial loading brought about by spearing, or the using the top of the head to initiate contact. Although spearing is illegal in all sports, at […]


© Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. SAFE HANDLING PROTOCOLS AND TECHNIQUES REPOSITIONING Repositioning a prone athlete to supine may be required in order to facilitate medical assessment and care, establish neutral cervical position, or provide access to the athlete’s airway and chest.  The logroll maneuver is the accepted technique used to reposition injured […]

Equipment Removal

© Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. EQUIPMENT REMOVAL OVERVIEW There is a growing body of evidence-based literature examining the effectiveness of various s equipment removal techniques as well as the appropriate timing of equipment removal from an athlete requiring transport to an appropriate medical facility.  Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that […]

Package for Transport

Package For Transport There are various injury scenarios for which the medical team may elect to immobilize an injured athlete to rigid support to aid in the prevention of secondary injury and facilitate movement during safe handling management.  In athletics, packaging for transport is commonly required during injury scenarios involving potential neurological injury or altered […]

Transfer and Immobilization

© Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. TRANSFER and IMMOBILIZATION TECHNIQUES Spinal Immobilization vs. Spinal Motion Restriction Spinal immobilization and spinal motion restriction both relate to preventing movement of the spine.  Spinal immobilization involves the use of cervical immobilization devices such as cervical collars and spine boards to minimize movement of the spine.  Conversely, […]