September 2018

  • Completed system reformat
  • Added new Custom Venue feature
  • Reorganization of custom field codes to facilitate completion of Team Profiles 

January 2017

  • Completion of TeamEMSoft ProPlus™ version, including the ability to add personnel pictures and protocol video to individual team sites;
  • Integration of Readiness Certificate™ program
  • Update of Medical Time Out document completed.

February 2017

Systematic review of emergency action plan scholarship completed.

March 2017

Systematic review of the scholarship pertaining to emergency action planning used to update the TeamEMSoft™ Comprehensive EAP Document, including:

  • Updated format of table of contents to include section links;
  • Re-write of the following sections:
    • BLS and ALS airway adjuncts
    • Advanced cardiac arrest overview
    • Airway management overview
    • All conditional protocols
    • All safe handling and techniques
  • Addition of Document and Reporting section
  • System notification regarding changes to American Heart Association epi-pen use protocol;
  • Update of anaphylaxis section and summary to include new AHA EAI protocol;

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