2017 Q3 Evidence Based Best Practice Updates (BPU)



July 2017

  • Revised Comprehensive Document to include picture placeholders;
  • Updated NFL team summaries to reflect new 2017 league requirements;
  • Added custom venue summary template and custom fields tab to NFL hub pages;
  • Updated terminology in Preamble of NFL comprehensive document.

August 2017

  • Revised Conditional Protocol Summaries to include Preparation and Readiness Planner and Management Flowcharts;
  • Added Sickle Cell write-up to Comprehensive Document;
  • Added Sickle Cell Conditional Protocol Summary;
  • Added Environmental Heat write-up to Comprehensive Document;
  • Added Environmental Heat Conditional Protocol Summary;
  • Added Pneumothorax Conditional Protocol Summary;
  • Revised Pneumothorax Comprehensive Document write-up;
  • Added Severe Weather Conditional Protocol Summary;
  • Revised Severe Weather Comprehensive Document write-up;
  • Added Intracranial Hemorrhage write-up to Comprehensive Document;
  • Added Intracranial Hemorrhage Conditional Protocol Summary

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