Environmental Cold Conditional Protocol Summary

This protocol has been developed by the medical staff to reflect standing orders for care of athlete’s experiencing signs and symptoms associated with exercising in the cold.  This protocol is a summary drawn from the team’s comprehensive emergency action plan, and is intended to summarize the medical team’s preparation for and initial response to the identified condition.  This protocol summary is intended to serve only as a guideline.  The following procedures are not intended to substitute for prudent autonomous medical decision-making required during actual care and management of a sick or injured individual.  Please see the comprehensive emergency action plan for a formal write-up and reference material.

Preparation and Readiness Planner

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Emergency Management Checklist
BLS Supplies ALS  Considerations Protocol Specific Supplies
  • AED
  • BVM ventilator
  • Seal Quick™ resuscitator mask
  • Magill forcepts
  • Suction pump
  • Oxygen
  • Non-rebreather mask
  • Heart rate / blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse-oximeter
  • Latex free gloves
  • Moderate hypothermia
    • Core body temperature between 90.6°F (32.6°C) and 95.6°F (35.6°C)
  • Severe hypothermia
    • Core body temperature below 90.6°F (32.6°C)
  •  Warming area Cold Kit
    • Hypoallergenic blankets
    • Indirect heat source
    • First-aid warm compresses
    • Warm mist humidifier
    • Warm Gatorade
    • Flexible straws
    • Flexible low-reading rectal thermometer probe
    • Warm water immersion tub
    • Topical anti-itch cream
    • Topical pain relieving cream
    • Topical antiseptic
    • Dressing


Management Algorithm

Critical Content Overview
Warning Level
≥ 40° F All Clear
  • Full activity without restriction
39° F to 20° F Wind Chill Watch
  • Designated weather watcher shall monitor the temp every hour.
19° F to 10° F Wind Chill Warning
  • Designated weather watcher shall monitor the temp every 30 min.
9° F to -10° F Wind Chill Advisory
  • Consider moving practices indoors/postponing competition until temperature improves.
≤ -11° F Wind Chill Alert
  • No outside activity.


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