Face Mask Removal Procedures

This protocol has been developed by the medical staff to reflect standing orders pertaining to removing the face mask from an athletic helmet to help establish and maintain a patent.  This protocol is a summary drawn from the team’s comprehensive emergency action plan, and is intended to summarize the medical team’s preparation for and initial response to the identified condition.  This protocol summary is intended to serve only as a guideline.  The following procedures are not intended to substitute for prudent autonomous medical decision-making required during actual care and management of a sick or injured individual.  Please see the comprehensive emergency action plan for a formal write-up and reference material.


Emergency Management Checklist
BLS Management Supplies ALS Management Considerations Face Mask Removal Considerations
  • Power screw driver;
  • FMxtractor®.
  • Local protocols and personal preferences regarding the appropriate timing of and location of equipment removal will vary.  This topic will be discussed during the medical time out to ensure that all medical team members are prepared to carry out the agreed upon protocols/techniques.
  • The Combo-Tool Approach has been demonstrated to be the most favorable face mask removal approach for football;
  • Philosophy of and techniques for removing face masks from football helmets do not generalize to hockey and lacrosse helmets;
  • Helmet removal is an accepted approach to gaining access to the airway when an appropriate protocol is well rehearsed.


Critical Content Overview

Face mask removal has been shown to be most effective when a Combo-Tool Approach is employed.

Power Screw Driver FMxtractor® – Link to demo videos
  • Tape the chuck switch in the reverse direction;
  • Tape the bit into the chuck;
  • Make sure the drill is fully charged;
  • Power screw driver batteries will not produce as much torque when they are cold.
  • End-Effectors are designed to work with the Riddell Quick-Release® and Schutt Quarter-Turn® fastening systems;
  • Make sure to lubricate the blade regularly;
  • Make sure the blade protectors are in place when not in use.


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