Repositioning Protocol

This protocol has been developed by the medical staff to reflect standing orders for repositioning an injured athlete from prone to supine cervical neutral.  This protocol is a summary drawn from the team’s comprehensive emergency action plan, and is intended to summarize the medical team’s preparation for and initial response to the identified condition.  This protocol summary is intended to serve only as a guideline.  The following procedures are not intended to substitute for prudent autonomous medical decision-making required during actual care and management of a sick or injured individual.  Please see the comprehensive emergency action plan for a formal write-up and reference material.


Emergency Management Checklist
BLS Management Supplies ALS Management Considerations Repositioning Considerations
  • Pack-n-fill towels;
  • Communication signal to differentiate life-threatening injury from simply needing help to reposition the athlete for further assessment.
  • EMS positioned to receive signals from the field indicating the need for their help.
  • Logroll away from face /face mask;
  • Logroll push may facilitate safe handling, particularly when repositioning an injured hockey player on the ice;
  • Injured athletes with an immediate, pre-repositioning indication for transport may be logrolled directly onto LSB;
  • Placing the head and neck in cervical neutral is a critical step following completion of the logroll;
  • Pack-n-fill towels placed behind the head will help maintain cervical neutral position by keeping the head from falling into extension.


Critical Content Overview

Proper positioning of Critical Care Triangle™ personnel will facilitate safe handling of the injured athlete during repositioning.

Pre-Positioning of A-Man Logroll-Push Maneuver (LR-P)
  • A-Man positioned with inside knee lined up with inside shoulder of patient so the head falls into A-Man’s lap upon completion of logroll;
  • A-Man grips head/helmet with palms together and the arm of the direction of the logroll positioned over the non-directional arm.
  •  The LR-P has been consistently demonstrated the safest patient handling for team’s meeting In 2Min or Less! benchmarks;
  •  The LR-P has consistently shown to reduce the extent to which a hockey player’s equipment will slip out from under the athlete during repositioning.  This slip occurs at when the athlete reaches about 30º perpendicular to the ice and is more profound with goalie equipment.


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