Men’s Ice Hockey

Emergency Action Plan Summary

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Welcome to the campus of  , home of the . Keeping all athletes and staff safe while participating in athletic activities on campus is a top priority for   and the   athletic department.  Please review the following emergency action plan summary for important emergency response details should there be an injury during today’s activities.  A procedural overview will be reviewed by an athletic trainer or other school official during a medical time out conducted prior to the start of each scheduled contest, and a copy of this summary will be posted in the visiting team dugout.  A copy of the athletic department’s comprehensive emergency action plan is filed in the athletic director’s office. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  Head Athletic Trainer,   or  Athletic Director, .

In the event of an injury to a visiting team athlete, the  medical staff will make themselves visible to the visiting team staff and will stand ready to assist in any and all capacity.



Initiating The Emergency Action Plan

Non- Life-Threatening Hand Signal:
Need Assistance: pat on top of head
Life-Threatening Hand Signal:  All come: arms crossed in front of chest
EMS Dispatch: 


Emergency Response Essentials

 Ambulance Location
 EMS Rendezvous Location
Nearest Intersection
  BLS Emergency  Kit  
  Splints/Immobilization Supplies  
  Emergency Medications  
  Athlete Health Hx / Contact Information  

Receiving Facilities

Facility Information
 Level 1 Trauma   
 Nearest Hospital  

Personnel Communication Tree

Name Hotline
 Athletic Trainer    
 Team Physician  
 Game Day Injury Spotter  
 Head Coach  
 Athletic Director  
 Adminiatrative Liaison    

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