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The safety of all athletes and staff on the campus is a top priority for   and the   athletic department.   This emergency action plan placard contains important details and official contact information in the event of an injury at this venue.  Medical personnel for will arrive 30 min prior to the start of all contests and will remain on-site until all athletes have left the facility.  Medical personnel or a designated school official will conduct a Medical Time Out to review this venue’s EAP summary prior to the start of any school sanctioned athletic event.  A copy of the event emergency action plan summary for this venue has been provided to all school officials for all teams competing at this venue. If you have not received a copy of this venue’s EAP summary, please contact the Head Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director using the contact info below.  A copy of the athletic department’s comprehensive emergency action plan is filed in the athletic director’s office.  If you have any questions, please contact the  Head Athletic Trainer,   at or  Athletic Director, at .


Initiating The Emergency Action Plan
Non- Life-Threatening Hand Signal:
Need Assistance: pat on top of head
Life-Threatening Hand Signal:  All come: arms crossed in front of chest
Ambulance Location: 
EMS Dispatch: 
Nearest Intersection: 
EMS Rendezvous Location: 
Average EMS Response Time: 

* DO NOT hang up on EMS dispatch until instructed to do so by EMS dispatch. 

Emergency Response Essentials

emsoft Emergency Equipment Location 
  BLS Emergency  Kit  [enter location of basic life supplies emergency kit location]
  AED(s)  [enter location of venue AEDs]
  Splints/Immobilization Supplies  [enter location of splints/immobilizers]
  Emergency Medications  [enter location of emergency medications]
  Athlete Health Hx / Emergency  Contact Information  [enter location of emergency medications]

Regional Receiving Facilities

Facility Information
 Regional Trauma   
 Nearest Hospital  
 Urgent Care  

* Athletes requiring emergency department medical attention shall be transported by ambulance to the nearest appropriate receiving facility as determined by EMS.  Non-EMS personnel shall not transport an injured athlete unless directed to do so by EMS dispatch.  As soon as the athlete is en route to the hospital, the parents/guardian shall be immediately notified of the athlete’s condition, and provided the receiving facility’s address and contact information by an appropriate school official.

The Role of First Responders

Critical Care TriangleCritical care triangle personnel provide immediate care for the athlete and do not leave their position unless a more qualified professional arrives to perform a specialized critical care task.  Critical care triangle personnel are responsible for:

  1. signaling to initiate appropriate component of the emergency action plan;
  2. activating EMS;
  3. providing immediate care of the injured or ill athlete;
  4. escort injured/ill athlete to ED to ensure continuity of care.

 Critical Support TriangleCritical support triangle personnel are responsible for ensuring that the emergency equipment and personnel needs of the critical care triangle are met.  The support triangle will provide for the following:

  1. retrieval, delivery, and preparation of emergency equipment / medicine required by critical care triangle personnel.

 Perimeter Support.  Perimeter support personnel are responsible for the following:

  1. calling 911 when prompted by critical care triangle ( provide name, address, telephone number, condition of athlete, first aid treatment, specific directions, other information as requested);
  2. meeting EMS at rendezvous;
  3. directing EMS to appropriate on-field location;
  4. scene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move teammates/coaches/bystanders away from area;
  5. initiating phone tree.

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