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Welcome to , home of the !  Please review the following emergency action plan summary for important emergency response details and general protocol preferences.  This EAP Summary is accessible via any mobile device and includes active location and auto-dial links for use during our upcoming event.  This EAP summary will be used to complete a Pre-Event Medical Team Meeting prior to the start of any upcoming event.    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Head Athletic Trainer

Home of The

Emergency Action Plan and Pre-Event Medical Meeting Overview


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EAP Principals

Athletic Trainer

Office Phone: Ext:

 Team Physician

Office Phone: Ext:

EMS Coordinator

Office Phone: Ext:

Athletic Administrator

Office Phone: Ext:

Medical Team Facilitator

Office Phone: Ext:

 Initiating The Emergency Action Plan

Life-Threatening Whistle Call:

 3 whistle blasts, each lasting 3 seconds

Life-Threatening Radio Call:

Life-Threatening Hand Signal:

Non-Life-Threatening Whistle Call:

2 whistle blasts, each lasting 3 seconds.

Non-Life-Threatening Radio Call:

Non-Life-Threatening Hand Signal:

Emergency Medical Services: 

Primary EMS Hotline

EMS Dispatch Hotline

Approximate EMS Response Time

Venue Specific Emergency Response Information
   Event Venue: 
 Practice Venue: 
Ambulance Service Level/Location:


EMS Rendezvous Location:    
Nearest Intersection:    
BLS Emergency Equipment Location:    
AED Location(s):    
Emergency Medication(s) Location:    
Health History/Contact Information:    

 Receiving Facilities


Facility Information

Designated Trauma Center:



Nearest Hospital:



Alternate Appropriate Hospital:



Urgent Care/Radiology:



Response Principals
   Name  Event Location  Hotline
Athletic Trainer:    
Team Physician:    
Medical Team Facilitator:      
EMS Coordinator:    
Lifeguard:    In Surveillance Rotation  
Lifeguard:    In Surveillance Rotation  
EMS Escort:    
Athlete Escort:    
Head Coach:      
Security Detail:      
Security/Resource Officer:    

Communication Tree
   Name  Event Location  Hotline
Sports Medicine Director:  
Administrative Liaison:     

 Emergency Medical Roster
Athlete Name Jersey #  Condition/Special Instructions/Medications

Conditional Protocols May Be Reviewed From The Team HubPage

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