NFL Club Emergency Action Plan
Compliance Checklist


Game day venue summary complete
Training camp venue summary complete
Regular season practice venue summary complete
Ability to provide all critical EAP personnel with access to TeamEMSoft® EAP Hub Page
Ability to share TeamEMSoft® EAP summary of local medical information to the visiting team on Mon or Tues prior to
the game
Prepared to complete 60-min Pre-Event Medical Meeting
Ability to post a similar summary in the visitors training room on game day
Ability to distribute a laminated card pregame to the visiting team’s medical staff and explain the local medical
       resources verbally

Game Day 

Personnel Audit:  ATCs  Team Physicians  EMS  2-4 AMPs  UNCs  VTML*  GD Roster Complete
AMPs board certified in emergency medicine or anesthesia
AMPs performed a minimum of 8 intubations in trauma resuscitation environment
AMPs have privileges at LI or LII trauma center
AMPs on-field intubation skills demonstrated
       Competency Audit
Head and Neck Injury Package and Transport
Airway Management/Rescue Breathing
Witnessed Non-Traumatic SCA/Arrythmia
Trauma Induced SCA
Isolated Head Trauma
Truncal Trauma with Hypotension
Exertional Heat Stroke
Regular Season Practice Personnel Audit:ATCsEMS
On-Field Neurological Assessment
Head and Neck Injury Package and Transport
Airway Management/Rescue Breathing
Cardiac Arrest/BLS HQ-CPR
Vital Signs Trending
Equipment Audit Completed

   Domestic EAP Review

Recommendations Provided

Training Camp Venue Overview
Personnel Audit:  ATCs  Team Physicians  EMS  TC Roster Complete
ALS for minimum of first 5 days of training camp  Equipment Audit Completed
Venue EAP Pre-Event Medical Meeting Form Completed and Signed by Head Athletic trainer and Team Physician
Recommendations Addressed

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