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Team EAP Summaries

Access Instructions Page for information regarding:

  • Distributing /Sharing your EAP Summaries
  • Instructions for Share recipients
  • Printing
  • Posting your EAP Summary Placard
  • and More
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To create an EAP summary for an off-campus event complete the Custom Venue Tab information found in your Team Profile and click the Update button at the bottom of the Team Profile Page. Next, click the link below to open the Custom Venue Summary Template. Click on the Revise button at the top right of the page. Give your new summary an appropriate name and click the Submit button. Your new Off-Campus EAP Summary can now be accessed from the Custom EAP tab on your Team Hub Page. Repeat this process to create EAP summaries for other off-campus venues.

Custom Venue Summary Template

Instructions For Using This Summary

Upon identifying an at risk athlete/condition Share this overview with all appropriate medical team members using the Share feature accessed via the Share button at the top of this page.  Should it become necessary to enact this protocol you may use the Enhanced Vital Sign Trending Report to track and monitor vital signs to aid in patient care and assessment.  After completing the Vital Signs Trending Report click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.  The information will be saved on your Hub Page under the  Sentinel Event tab

Printing / Posting Instructions

Set your printer to 2-sided printing, and print pages 2 and 3 of this document.  Laminate the printed version of this summary and post conspicuously throughout the event venue.


Reports and Documentation

These are sample reports only.  EAP personnel should review these documents to ensure that they satisfy all local regulations and comply with legal requirements. Completion of these documents does not satisfy the requirements of SMC’s Readiness Certification®.

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Evidence Based Practice Updates

In 2Minutes or Less!®

Sports Emergency care Training and Readiness Certification™

Providing the high level of service that has become synonymous with Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc., begins with a few simple, but vital steps.

In 2Min or Less®
Pre-Program Information

Please begin preparing for your program by reading your Program Prologue provided below. Then download and complete the Pre-Program Data Form and Registration List.  Double check both forms for accuracy and then email the Pre-Program Data Form and Registration list to SMC.


Your opinions and thoughts matter to us!  Please provide your constructive criticism so that we may continue to provide the highest standards in emergency response training and planning.


Sports Medicine Concepts’ Readiness Certification® requires completion of In 2Min or Less!® Sports Emergency Care Training and completion of all SMC Audit Reports by an authorized SMC representative.

Official SMC Audit Reports
  • 2017

Be Certified Ready!
Schedule Us today using the link above to complete SMC’s EAP Readiness Certification® with In 2Min or Less!® sports emergency care training from Sports Medicine Concepts.

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