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Benefits of TeamEMSoft

 24/7/365 oversight from the leading sports emergency care authority ensures compliance with the highest best-practice standards, saving you hours of costly oversight

Your staff is the face of your organization both from within the athletic department and throughout the community. Providing a consistent level of preparedness by all staff at all venues instills confidence in your staff’s ability to provide |FLAWLESS|™ care during sports’ worst moments.

Easily create and update venue specific EAPs for every sport and every venue, home and away!


Easily access and share vital EAP information directly from your desktop or from the field to easily complete annual reviews, conduct pre-event medical meetings, review emergency medical rosters, and provide vital response procedural overviews!

Enhance annual EAP training and review with staff, EMS, and team physicians, and help coaches be better prepared to respond when athletic trainers are not present.


Quarterly evidence-based updates ensure 24/7/365 compliance with the highest best-practice standards!

A systematic literature review that is the foundation of the TeamEMSoft™ application. This document is content rich, including demonstration videos, webinar links, and ancillary didactic materials!

Use the Android or iOS app to access TeamEMSoft™ anywhere from your phone!

Changes to your TeamProfile automatically update all your EAP documents!

Create and save venue specific EAPs for away competitions during post-season play and for coaches when an athletic trainer is unavailable!

TeamEMSoft™ includes specific best-practice protocols for environmental stress, equipment removal, sickle-cell, hypoglycemia, asthma/anaphylaxis, high-quality CPR, and more!

Share you EAPs with EAP team members and visiting team medical personnel and coaches to enhance the pre-event medical meeting and preparedness

Identify rendezvous locations, instant navigation to receivingfacilities, and auto-dial team members.

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